Le président Hervio lors de l'exposition au Sénat

Welcome on the new CNFAP's Website

The commitment of the C.N.F.A.P. is to give answer to any question (nationally or internationally) concerning fine arts and artist life in all of the 126 countries, members of the UNESCO. The french Committee was establish first by Marie Laurencin, Georges Braque, Jacques Villon, etc, in 1955; André Lhote was the first President .

The C.N.F.A.P. trough a structure similar to UNESCO is in relation with the A.I.A.P.

To obtain the IAAP member's card you send to the C.N.F.A.P. 9/11 rue Berryer 75008 Paris, a complete artist résumé - 8 to ten pics of your work - one identity picture; a prestamped cover with your personal adress and a cheque of 30 Euros to the CNFAP as annual fee and a normal contribution of 35€ for registration

The new site should be our common link which keep you inform about our actions and discussions concerning all kind of matter of the ART WORLD.

Le Président André HERVIO

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